Photo by Charissa Lucille

Photo by Charissa Lucille

Hi, hello, I'm Devin.

I founded Kindred Word Studio to help people build cool stuff with words. I’m a writer (of pretty much anything), editor, strategist, and asker of many questions. I live near Phoenix, AZ, with my husband and two young children and spend a lot of time outside.

Official Bio

Devin Kate Pope is a writer, editor, and poet with a degree in journalism from The Walter Cronkite School at Arizona State University. After years of freelancing, Devin launched Kindred Word Studio where she helps entrepreneurs to build their business through storytelling. Devin partners with Anchor & Orbit Consulting, both as a facilitator for their business growth program and as an editor/strategist for their resource library. Devin co-founded The Narrative Nest, a Phoenix-based writing group for mothers of all kinds.

Devin sends a weekly newsletter about writing that one subscriber said is “short and sweet, with substance” and leads workshops about collaboration and writing. Her writing has appeared in The Muse, Romper, The Nordic Business Forum, and TechSpot.